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Shrubs and topiary

From the usual to the more unusual and seasonal shrubs we always have a large selection in stock. Some of these include cotoneaster, budlias, alezias, roda tanderons and roses. Our topiary selection includes buxus, cones, swirls, and standard privets.

We often stock larger sizes too, so that you can quickly fill in a space in your garden with a mature specimen.



Alpines originate from high altitude regions, above the ‘tree line’. There is good drainage and usually cold, dry winters, with high light levels. In gardening terms, ‘rock plants’ embraces not just alpines, but also includes smaller shrubs and perennials that because of their modest stature look good in the rock garden.

bare root hedging

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Trees and fruit trees

We strive to have a varied selection of trees at all times in stock. These include Sorbus, bamboo, Norway maple, and specimen trees such as liquid amber, with their delicate foliage and beautiful autumn leaf colour.

Our seasonal fruit trees include apple trees, bramley trees, and cherry trees.



All of our perennials are sourced from small Irish and UK growers. This allows us to offer a wide range of interesting herbaceous stock, which can surprise and delight even professional gardeners.

As all our stock which includes rudbeckia, crocosmi, aucuba and day lilly are locally sourced so won’t have to adjust to our harsh climate when planted in the ground.

As the plants are UK grown you can be sure that they will be happy when planted into your garden – they haven’t been grown in vast poly tunnels in Holland or elsewhere overseas, nor have they been mollycoddled unnecessarily” harty to irish weather.

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Bare root hedging

We have a large selection of bareroot hedging plants available in various sizes. They are mostly strong transplants ideal for easy establishment in harsh conditions. They can be planted during the winter months from November until late March or early April. Typical planting density would be 5 plants per metre planted in 2 rows. Our range includes black and white thorn, wild roses, holy, snowball and whip trees.